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Hi, I'm Anhie. I'm a little crazy and sometimes aggressive. I like adventures, cliche things, chill vibes, deep talks and milk tea. Let's be friends!
p.s. my blog sucks w/o reading the tags.
Anonymous said: I'm trying to earn money. How do YOU earn money? Oh and yeah what th@ other person said, you should post a pic of your room ASAP

LOL, a question similar to this is in my FAQ so I’ll just copy and paste. (: 

I get $60 at the beginning of every month as my monthly allowance and I sell clothes online which would prolly give me like another $40-$100 depending how much sales I make.(I’m really slow on selling business though cause FB deleted my shop account.) LOL. And my mom gives me random $10s and $20s sometimes when she has extra cash & when I see my dad he gives me like $20 to $40 so yeah.. 

AND, my room is actually a hideous mess right now, my uncle is in the process of painting my closet white so I had to take EVERYTHING out of my closet and into my bedroom! HAHA. BUT, if you still do have the desire to see my room, here it is for the time being.. Btw I took the bottom picture like 5 mins ago while the top photo was from like 9 hours ago so the items in the photo might have moved around.

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